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We have a comprehensive Laboratory Department that provides tests and analysis for diagnosis and treatment of numerous illnesses and conditions.
The extensive array of tests performed by our lab assists physicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

Departments :
The Hospital Laboratory consists of the following departments, all determined to meet the quality control commitment standards set upon them:

  1. Pathology (Histopathology and Cytopathology)
  2. Virology and Immunology
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Hematology

Pathology :
Under the direction of board certified pathologists, comprehensive surgical and clinical pathology consultations are provided. Cytology services are available to our community based physicians.
The histopathology distinguishes itself from other branches by providing diagnostic services & a wealth of experience with about 2000-2500 biopsies reviewed per year, with special expertise in gastro- intestinal and hepatic pathology.

With the help of the interventional radiologist and sophisticated imaging techniques, biopsy tissue can now be obtained from previously inaccessible sites such as the pancreas or retroperitoneum. This may involve direct contact with the patient, with the pathologist undertaking fine needle aspiration to obtain material for cytological examination.

Our team of pathologists works together to ensure uniform, reproducible diagnoses to further aid in presenting a clear result to the clinician.
Interesting cases are discussed in regular weekly clinicopathological meetings discussing diagnosis, clinical management and clinical outcome.

Virology and Immunology :
These branches offer a wide variety of routine and special tests with the most important in our hospital is the detection of hepatitis viruses antigens and antibodies using instruments like minividas and ELIZA.

Also an important advance in our hospital is the quantitative measurement of viral loads by using B-DNA analyzer system.

Biochemistry :
The Chemistry Laboratory offers an extensive range of routine and special tests designed to help in screening patients as well as an aid in disease management strategies. Using highly automated, state of the art instrumentation, the results of these tests are conveyed to the clinicians rapidly and accurately.

The chemistry laboratory includes many tests like liver function tests, renal function tests, blood gases and serum electrolytes analysis & others�.

Hematology :
The Hematology Laboratory encompasses distinct areas of diagnostic testing in the laboratory. The Clinical Hematology section provides vital patient information through the counting and microscopic examination of red and white blood cells. Anemias and malignancies can often be discovered as a result of routine cell count testing.

Hemostasis, the ability of the body to arrest bleeding, is studied in the Coagulation section which is utilized to discover clotting deficiencies as well as evaluate patients on anticoagulant therapies.

Last but not least Diagnostic medicine is a dynamic field requiring a continuing commitment to the research and improvement of the tools and methods of practice. Our lab has a long, successful history of providing quality services to medical facilities, practitioners and postgraduates students.

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