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1. Autoimmune Hepatitis
Dr. Sawsan AL-Azzawi
2. Colorectal cancer screening and surveillance
Dr. Salah Aldeen Abdulnabi Kate
3. Peginerferons for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C
Dr. Ali Abdul Hameed Jassim
4. Treatment of Hepatocellular carcinoma
Dr. Nawal Mahdi Farhan
5. Management of Hepatitis C
Dr. Raghad Jawad Hussain
6. Changing treatment for chronic HBV infection it now time to
Dr. Mazin Hazem Kamel
7. Breath Test
Dr. Hala Sameh
8. Update in Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Dr. Riyadh Asmar
9. Serology and Molecular genetics of gastrointestinal malignancy
Dr.Khitam Razak Khadim
10. What is new in laparoscopic surgery review of article
Dr. Raafat Rauf Ahmed
11. Neanatal Cholestatic Jaundice
Dr. Adnan MH AL-Hamwandi
12. Evidence Based Medicine
Dr. Ammar Ibrahim Abdul-latif

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